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If you are a buyer out there looking at homes, you’re going to find that there is a short supply of inventory in our area. Resale homes typically make up the majority of listings in our market, but new construction homes are catching up.
We can all attest to the fact that there is a lot of building and growth happening in our neck of the woods right now. If you’re thinking a new construction home may be for you, make sure you thoroughly understand the new construction buying process and get a great agent to help you!
New construction homes make up almost half of all the current listings in Fort Collins. 80% of the homes that sold since January were new construction homes.
There are home improvements that you can make right now that will add value to your home and even if you’re not selling soon, you can enjoy the benefits of these projects. If you want to know 15 things that add value, and how much the average return on this investment is, check out our website!
Thank you to our clients who closed a transaction with us in March 2018! We appreciate you.
Tracy & Meghan Lauby
Sold their home on Namaqua Hill in Loveland and moving out of state.
Tina Murdaugh
Sold her home in Greeley with a 2-week close!
Scott Drost & Etsuko Nishimoto
Purchased a new-build townhome in Berthoud.
Here are the top builders in Fort Collins courtesy of
Is buying a newly constructed house the answer to finding your dream home? Going the route of new builds may seem like an easy enough process and you get to create your dream home. If you don’t have the right representation, it may not be as trouble free as you would like to hope. Here are some of the many reasons you need a professional buyer’s agent representing you.
An important part in working with an agent is having a professional’s perspective in finding a builder with a great reputation. They have the industry expertise to connect you with a builder that matches your needs.  They will help you find one, that not only delivers exactly what their clients want, but in a timely fashion.
The lot you choose is important. In the excitement of the process, we tend to overlook important features of a property. Your agent will be able to help you consider a lot that best fits your lifestyle and has a location and size that works for you.  Whatever your situation, the lot location can really make a huge impact. Especially when it comes time to sell.
Not only will your agent be able to ensure you get the upgrades and modifications that will best suit your lifestyle, they will also help you make decisions that will increase the value of your home in the long term. They will make sure that you are thinking broadly to help eliminate the need for change orders that end up costing money.
Your agent will be sure to review the builder’s contract it to ensure that it is in your best interest. They will be able to help you break down the best loan types, purchasing processes, that benefit YOU, not the
builder.  Unlike the standard Colorado Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate, New Construction contracts are written by builders or a builder’s attorney to protect the builder.  This is where not having representation can be extremely risky. Your agent will make sure there are no overlooked terms in the builder’s contract that could end up hurting you before or after you move in.

It is imperative in the purchasing process to have an agent that is able to negotiate for you.  The building process is so much more than having the builder put in your favorite counters and floors. They will be able to ensure you are paying a fair price for the property and help negotiate upgrades to be included with the base price.  Builders can often seem to have the upper hand if an agent isn’t representing you.

It may seem so easy just to pop into an office of a new build, or builder’s office on the weekend, and use the onsite agent. However, this agent works FOR the builder, NOT for you. No matter how nice and helpful they are, they will be working to make sure the builder gets the best deal.  Having a buyer’s agent that you DO NOT pay for, can ensure there is a professional on your side that can walk you through the process and avoid being taken advantage of during the transaction.

Staying on top of what can happen during the building process and making sure you are paying for what you originally agreed upon is your buyer’s agent’s job.  Make sure you tell every builder that you are working with an agent from the beginning to ensure you are represented.

I have been working with Jackie Mihalchick, and she is exceptional. She reached out to me immediately after hearing from you. She is a superb listener. In our very first conversation, unlike most other realtors, and people in general, she heard and understood what my husband and I would like to have in terms of housing in Colorado. She has stayed in close contact with me, including regularly sending me emails about properties in which I might be interested. She is not pushy, and I like that, because she is willing to wait for us to find the home that most closely fits our needs and desires. On top of all that, she is well-informed about the market, willing to educate me when needed, and she is lots of fun!  I couldn’t be more pleased!