At Birdsong|Katz Real Estate Group, we can assist you with the sale of your home and connect you with Jane  and our Vetted Team of Experts to help you with the transition of downsizing. 

Our Expert in Care Management is Donna Forrest owner of Life Changes Care Management. We've asked Jane to interview Donna so that she can let us know exactly what her services are.

Jane:     What is a Care Manager?
Donna:     A professional care manager is a health and human services specialist who is a guide, advocate and resource for their clients. An Aging Life Care Manager offers a variety of services including assessments; customized recommendations for specific needs and desires; medical advocacy; healthcare navigation; planning and problem-solving for housing and care options; connection to local resources; care coordination including communication between the client and all other family members and healthcare providers; client and caregiver education and coaching.
Jane:     Tell us a little bit about your background and qualifications?
Donna:     I’m a Registered Nurse, Aging Life Care Manager – Advanced Professional; Certified Case Manager; Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse; owner of Life Changes Care ManagementTM, a Dementia Friendly Business. I have 30 years of eldercare experience, some director level, including assisted living, skilled nursing, physician’s offices, inpatient hospice, memory care, home care and nurse case management. Specifically, I am expert in geriatric healthcare, dementia, advanced care planning, palliative care and end-of-life issues.
Jane:     What are some situations that may indicate a care manager could help?
Donna:     Here are some situations:
[a] You have several health conditions and the doctors who treat you don’t seem to communicate. You could use help coordinating your care and medications and you’d like someone to attend appointments with you.

[b] Memory loss is impacting your daily life.

[c] Your spouse suggested that you both move to a senior living community and you have no idea which match your lifestyle preferences.

[d] You notice it’s more difficult to manage the house, cook meals, do laundry, and get to the store. You see commercials about agencies that can help but don’t know which to call.

[e] Your spouse has recently passed away and life has completely changed. Friends aren’t calling as often, social interactions are difficult, and your appetite has disappeared.
Jane:     How can you help loved ones decide if staying in the home longer or moving is the best decision?
Donna:     Invite a Care Manager to facilitate a family meeting to discuss your options. Whether your meeting is in person or over the phone, hearing and respecting each person’s thoughts often makes your situation more workable. Plus, you’ll have an action plan resulting from your family meeting.
Because we believe in our Next Chapter program and the value it brings to our clients, if you choose to sell your home with us, we will gladly donate up to $1,000 of our commission towards Donna's fee.

Donna will require payment at the time her services are rendered and our reimbursement will take place at the close of the property in the form of a credit back to you as the seller. 

Because there are several people in our Team of Experts, if you choose to use any one of their services, we can donate our commission credit back to only one of them. 

Birdsong|Katz also pays for our concierge, Jane, to meet with you and connect you to any one or all of our vetted Team of Experts, so the concierge  service is entirely free to you.
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