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Fort Collins is a college town. What makes a college town special is a youthful vibe mixed with academic pursuit and a population's interest in, and their value of,  higher education. People come here seeking academic excellence and many end up staying for the lifestyle and opportunities for employment and recreation that Northern Colorado has to offer.

CSU recently built a football stadium right in the middle of the campus that opened in August of 2017. Where previously located off-site, this $220 million dollar investment was erected to help gain a better football program and thus attract more out-of-state students to CSU. After much debate with the surrounding neighborhoods and community, Canvas Stadium has proved to be immensely popular in its inaugural season, and drew rave reviews from local and national media, as well as national television networks that broadcast Colorado State's games to large audiences.

The Rams set an all-time attendance record with a total of 192,369 fans and a per-game average of 32,062, representing a 16% attendance increase from 2016. This was the eighth-highest in all of college football. Season ticket sales also reached an all-time high of 15,477, a 40% increase from the 2016 total of 11,054.
CSU is know for it's veternary degree program. It was ranked #3 in the nation in a 2015 US News report behind UC Davis and Cornell. The famous Temple Grandin has taught here for over 20 years. Because of her augism, Grandin’s uncanny knack for thinking in pictures – a phrase made popular in the HBO film and in one of her many books – has allowed her to connect with animals in ways most people never could. Her unique ability has completely altered the way we view livestock and their right to be treated humanely. Currently more than half the cattle in North America are raised and processed in systems designed by Grandin.