Welcome to the Birdsong|Katz Group Experience where we are focused on not just facilitating a real estate transaction, but creating a real estate experience for all our clients!
Those of you who know us, know that we bring passion, dedication and limitless energy to each and every one of our transactions. We are dedicated to giving our clients an experience in real estate that they will never forget. We pride ourselves on our values, ethics and always giving more. If you are looking to buy or sell … look no further! 

We want you to always expect the best from us and we will always strive to provide you with the tools and information you need when you are in a transaction with us. Each and every one of our agents brings their best to every relationship and although they are true professionals, they are also fun to work with!
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Thank you to our clients who closed a transaction with us in January 2018! We appreciate you.
Max and Erin Lane
Sold their starter home in Loveland and purchased their new family home in Loveland  
Daniel & Tammy Gilbert
Bought Land in Gilcrest
Stephanie Hollingsworth & Jonathan Furst
Purchased a home in Fort Collins
Our Next Chapter program is ramping up to help seniors navigate the transition from their long-time home to the next chapter of their life. We have engaged the services of Jane Northrup Glenn as our concierge in assisting with the myriad of things that come up when someone sells their home – from long-term care options, Medicare and Medicaid issues, financial advice, estate sales and memory preservation – we have surrounded ourselves with a team of experts in many different areas. We don’t have all the answers, but we can connect you with the people that do!
didn't have children. After their son and daughter came along, they found thattheir 1,680 square foot home no longer accommodated their growing family. We sold that home last year for $323,000 - quickly and easily. That’s an increase in value of 25%.
They took their proceeds and put 20% down on their new home that was much larger - at 2,800 square feet - and priced at $425,000. They had a much greater choice of homes in this price range and had to compromise less on what they wanted in their new home. Rarely do we see this.
According to IRES Infosparks statistics, the average days on market in the $500,000+ range is 110 where the average days on market for the under $500,000 was only 67. This indicates that higher priced homes stay on the market longer thus creating more of a Buyer’s Market – more houses to choose from and less competition from other buyers. So, if you are considering that “move-up”, now is the time!
It’s an interesting time in real estate in Northern Colorado. We all hear about the fact that our area has been in a Seller’s Market for the last several years. While we are still considered in a Seller’s Market – where there are more buyers wanting to buy than there are sellers wanting to sell – this pretty much only pertains to homes priced up to about $500,000. While in the higher price range, from $500,000 and up, we are in a Buyer’s Market – where there are more sellers selling than there are buyer’s buying.
In essence, this is the perfect “Move-Up Market”. Sellers can get top dollar for their home and then have a lot to choose from in that typical “move-up” scenario. The following is an example of a situation in which our clients took advantage of this unique market we’re in to move up to their dream home.

When our clients purchased their home in 2013 for $235,000, they  
I have been working with Jackie Mihalchick, and she is exceptional. She reached out to me immediately after hearing from you. She is a superb listener. In our very first conversation, unlike most other realtors, and people in general, she heard and understood what my husband and I would like to have in terms of housing in Colorado. She has stayed in close contact with me, including regularly sending me emails about properties in which I might be interested. She is not pushy, and I like that, because she is willing to wait for us to find the home that most closely fits our needs and desires. On top of all that, she is well-informed about the market, willing to educate me when needed, and she is lots of fun!  I couldn’t be more pleased!