This is a truly unique offering from the B|K Group. We have a partnership with AJ Jones, who is a general contractor. AJ has been in the business of renovating homes for many years here in Fort Collins. Because of this special relationship, AJ has agreed to work with our sellers if they need work done on their home to help get it sold for the maximum amount possible.

AJ will offer up to $5,000 of home renovations and has agreed to be paid from your proceeds at close. This allows you to get some of those unfinished jobs completed. Unfinished projects will always translate to less money for your home. Most buyers who see unfinished projects at your home will just start deducting from the list price, often times unconsciously.

We want to give you every opportunity to make those repairs in order to maximize the amount you get for your home. By being able to pay for these projects at close it saves you the out-of-pocket costs that come with these projects and the headache of looking for someone to complete them.