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The real estate market is heating up fast as we approach the hot spring selling time. Already we are seeing multiple offers on properties and inventory is still staggeringly low. As a Buyer, now is the time you need an expert on your side working hard to find you just the right property. You need someone with connections and relationships in real estate that will be exposed to properties that may not yet be on the open market. As a Seller, it may be time to be getting your property ready for sale. We are experts in this with our HELP Program, in-house Stager and amazing Real Estate Photographer. We are the experts you can count on. 
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Thank you to our clients who closed a transaction with us in February 2018! We appreciate you.
Todd & Shanna Tipton
Sold their Fort Collins investment condo – 8 offers, $15k over list!  
Kari Schwerin & Joseph Griffin-Harte
Sold their Fort Collins home and are moving out of state
Stephanie Ingraham
Purchased a home in Denver
Ben Trexler & Selena Martin
Purchased a new construction home in Berthoud
Here’s an interesting statistic. Since 2015 in our Northern Colorado MLS, properties sell for 100% of their listing price from March to September. These are the busiest selling months of the year. The list vs. sell price drops dramatically in January. As you can see from the above chart, we’re on our way back up to 100% as we start March.  
Even if you are not selling your home for a year, it may be time to start making all those home improvements you’ve been putting off so that you can enjoy them now and your home will be ready when you’re ready to sell it.
the sale of a property, while others may place a high value on convenience.   Running in and out of one’s own home to allow showings is stressful, especially if compounded by getting pets and/or young children out of the house too.  Constantly keeping a home clean and tidy for showings is a never-ending battle. Add a full-time job to the mix and this could drive a person to the edge! Maybe now you can see why some folks are willing to give up $20,000 for an easy closing on the day of their choosing, while not constantly being displaced from their own home.

In what circumstance may it be beneficial to a Seller to not expose their property on the open market? One good example would be the contingent sale.  For instance, if a Buyer is under contract to purchase a home, but that purchase is contingent on selling their current one it may be in their best interest to secure a certain kind of buyer.

Imagine having your dream home under contract, only to have it taken away because the Buyer of your current residence couldn’t perform?  Now what if your agent found a cash buyer willing to close in 10 days but allowed you to stay until your dream home closes.  Would you be willing to give up an extra 5% for that kind of security? Hopefully you can see a few of the pros and cons of selling off market, and will be able weigh your options if the time ever arises.

A good agent should always be able to talk you through the situation and highlight the benefits AND deficiencies in selling before publishing on the MLS.

I was pulling comparable sales on a property the other day and, as I was quickly scanning through them, one listing jumped out to me.  It sold for easily 10% under value. After my initial shock, I realized it was a “Sold Before Processing” listing.  I could tell because there was only one exterior picture of the front of the home uploaded to MLS.   “Sold before Processing” means either the Listing Agent or another Agent in their respective office brings an able and willing Buyer to the Seller before the property is listed on MLS and exposed to the public for sale.

“My agent brought 3 people through my house before it was even listed!”  I’ve heard statements similar to this dozens of times from excited Sellers.  While most Sellers are eager to sell, few are actually desperate.   What some Sellers don’t realize, is that selling a home in a strong market with limited inventory is no different than any other commodity Maximum Exposure=Maximum Price.   So when these Sellers accept an offer before exposing the property to the open market, they are often leaving 5%, 10%, or even 15% on the table.

Does that mean Listing Agents who advise their clients to sell a home off-market are harming their clients?  Not necessarily. Every situation is different and everyone places their own value on circumstances – monetarily or otherwise. Some people may want every last dollar out of
I have been working with Jackie Mihalchick, and she is exceptional. She reached out to me immediately after hearing from you. She is a superb listener. In our very first conversation, unlike most other realtors, and people in general, she heard and understood what my husband and I would like to have in terms of housing in Colorado. She has stayed in close contact with me, including regularly sending me emails about properties in which I might be interested. She is not pushy, and I like that, because she is willing to wait for us to find the home that most closely fits our needs and desires. On top of all that, she is well-informed about the market, willing to educate me when needed, and she is lots of fun!  I couldn’t be more pleased!