The Next Chapter is a collaborative resource program to help facilitate a seamless transition to move you to your next home from your long-term residence. Our concierge, Jane Northrup Glenn, will guide you through this process beginning the moment you consider moving, all the way through the actual move into your new home. One point of contact throughout the entire process significantly reduces the stress of you having to coordinate each of these services separately.

It starts with a simple conversation with Jane to learn about your unique situation, identifying the help that you need. Jane will then provide a customized list of service providers to meet those needs and she’ll even coordinate a call to you from each referral partner on your list!

We’re experts in real estate but we get it. We know from personal experience that moving from a comfortable place can often cause discomfort. We’re experts in real estate but we’re also great connectors. The additional service we provide in this program selling your home, helps us create a complete downsizing experience. The Next Chapter program can help with making every possible aspect of a life transition, a positive one.
Several years ago, my 85-year old grandma sold her home in Northern Michigan and moved to Colorado to be closer to family. At the time, she was still able to take care of her large forest property by herself, but we thought we’d stay ahead of life, and move her before things became more difficult. She settled into a condo in an amazing independent living community with enough daily fun to make a millennial’s  head spin, let alone someone’s who needs a nap every afternoon! Years later, we moved her again, into my parents’ home. Then, again, to an assisted living community. She lived to see her 95th birthday and the 10 years I got to spend with her taught me a lot!

Aside from all the wisdom that my grandma imparted on me, my eyes were also opened to the breadth and depth of services and resources that are available for those starting the next chapter of their lives. It seemed like many of the conversations about my grandma’s needs were tied to “a move”. A home is a wonderful and interesting thing. It provides safety, security and comfort, but it also reveals things. When you renovate your home, invariably you discover things that you need to address that you weren’t initially aware of (disclaimer: this revelation may come from watching too many remodel shows on HGTV). However, the same is true with simply moving. It doesn’t matter what chapter of your life you’re on, when you make the decision to move, you become aware of the things you need in your next home. Your continually changing life tends to be more smooth if you can project those needs well into the future!

The Next Chapter program was designed to create a wonderful and smooth moving experience for you! Whatever your move has revealed to you, we can help connect you to the services and resources that you need now or down the road. Sure, you can find these resources on your own, but why not have your Real Estate company connect you to them!
- Hospital/Rehab to Home Programs
- Home Health Care
- Hospice and Palliative Care
- Assisted Living Communities
- Memory Care

- Skilled Nursing/Rehab Facilities
- Retirement/Independent

   Living Communities

- HELP Program allows for any repairs to be
   made and paid for at the close
- Home staging for maximum profit from sale
- Agents accredited with the Senior

   Assistance designation (SRES)

- Estate Sales/Downsizing
- Moving company that is familiar with all

   retirement facilities in the area
- Preserving memories - Digital albums

   of belongings and momentos

- Insurance Benefits/Long Term Care/VA
- Financial Planners/Daily Money Managers
- Elder Care Attorneys/Wills/Trusts

- Companion Care/Help with Daily Activities
- Care Management/Counseling
- Medical Devices
- Nonprofit Resources, Senior Centers,

   Activities & Faith Organizations