Here in Northern Colorado we really love our furry friends. Everywhere you go, you'll find pet-friendly places. In our office, we leave water bowls outside for passing dog walkers and we sometimes bring our pets to work with us.

There's also the question of what is considered a pet. There's the obvious dog and cat kind of pet but we know that our community embraces all kinds of pets. Backyard chickens are everywhere and occasionally you'll see a pot-bellied pig around. There are, however,  regulations for other types of farm animals. It's all based on property zoning.

The City of Fort Collins maintains four dog parks, however there are several more that neighborhoods maintain as local spots to hang out with ... spot.

Let's not forget that CSU is internationally known for it's innovative cirriculum in the College of Veternary Medicine. World renown professor Temple Grandin also makes Northern Colorado her home. Grandin, is considered one of the world’s renowned experts in two fields: animal welfare and autism.

So if you are looking for fun ways to hang out with your pets or a place to take them when they aren't feeling well, Northern Colorado is definately one of the best places to raise your furry friends.
While some may not consider chickens pets, consider this:  chickens have a great memory and can differentiate between over 100 human or animal faces. They are more than just fresh eggs. Their educational value to families includes caring for and fostering independent living skills.

In Larmimer County, a property owner may raise chickens for their own use. The following requirements apply to keeping "backyard chickens":
  • An owner or tenant may keep up to 6 chicken hens.
  • No roosters and no more than 6 chicken hens are allowed in all zone districts except those that allow a farm.
  • The chickens must be provided with a covered, properly ventilated, predator-resistant chicken coop.
  • The chickens must have access to an outdoor enclosure that is adequately fenced to protect them from predators.
  • The coop and enclosure are limited to a maximum size of 120 square feet.
  • The chicken coop and outdoor enclosure shall be regularly cleaned to control dust, odor, and waste and not constitute a nuisance, safety hazard, or health problem to surrounding properties.
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