If you have been looking at brokerages trying to find the best fit, it is most likely you have spoken to all the big agencies in town. If you are new to real estate, it’s possible that you may believe that you need a big name to stand behind as you build your real estate career. We believe that you will quickly find that it’s much harder than you think to become a brand within a brand.

If you are a seasoned agent, you know what the other brokerages have to offer and yet, you are still searching for the right fit. Perhaps you’re not getting the support you need, perhaps you are looking for a better work environment, you may even be searching for a better financial situation. Whatever
the case, we are glad you chose to explore this opportunity with us.

At Birdsong|Katz, we have created an environment of collaboration and support that we feel you will find nowhere else in real estate. Our dedication to our agent’s success is our number one goal. We back that by offering our agents every support tool they need to create a lucrative referral based business without implementing traditional “sales-like” tactics. We believe in relational marketing.

The key to success in real estate is consistency. If you can master being consistent in your marketing efforts, your time usage and your follow-up, real estate is much easier! We are here to help you do that. Our support systems are in place to keep you consistent and on track so that you can help more people and close more deals.

The other component of our core business is our values. We will never waiver from doing the right thing for our clients. We strive to add value and elevate others in each and every interaction we have. We are always learning, growing and improving. Most importantly we are dedicated to living our lives well and having fun. We hope that you share these same values and want to knowmore about what we do.

We have put a lot of thought and effort into establishing what we stand for. These are our guiding principals. We would like to see if you align with them. We understand there is tremendous competition out there. Because we care deeply about each and every one of our agents, hold the highest standards for our group, and will be investing our time and money in you, we need to know we are a good match. It is our expectation that we are in this together, and your participation will be critical to our mutual success.
We want you to really think deeply about what you do next in real estate and consider these questions:

  >  When you make tough a decision do you

       consider what you get or what you give?

  >  Are you successful by accident or 
       purpose and does that matter to you?

  >  Do you surround yourself with people

       who encourage you to establish your voice?

  >  Do you have people in your life that

       challenge you to be better?

  >  Do you give yourself a time and a place

       to clear your mind?

  >  How does your true heart come out?

If you want more in-depth information about our company, you can  click here to view our "Work for Us" book.

We think that you will find it a valuable tool when considering your next move with regard to your career in real estate. You can always call Stuart if you want to sit down and chat!

Stuart Birdsong (970) 672-6282